World News – Do we really need a new a disability icon?

The worldwide symbol for disability that has been used since 1969,is facing a mini threat from a group of american designers who want to bring the logo into the modern age.

The group named the Accessible Icon Project feel the logo is too mechanical and unnatural from the normal human form. Their proposed logo is a slicker and modernized version of the logo, with the human resembling more of a paralympic competitor than a stereotypical wheelchair user. The logo certainly looks slicker and more stylized, but is it really nexessary to change a piece of history, that is seen around the world millions of times a day?

Personally, i feel the money spent on the design could be used in a more beneficial way to aid people with disability’s, such as donating to charities or conversing with individuals with disability’s to aid their way of life.

Music – Cocaine

What better way to start a blog than one of my favourite songs at the minute right? The actual video is a bit too far to post on here (hey, just youtube it), but this song is awesome. Fidlar (from southern California) are primarily a punk band but also take influences from The Pixies and Nirvana, and also take the spirit of Nirvana to produce something that hasn’t been seen or heard since the early 90’s. If you like it listen to the whole album, its only around 30 minutes long.